Humanities Research Fellowships at NYU Abu Dhabi

The NYUAD Institute has embarked on a multi-year research fellowship program in the Humanities. This program aims to help create an energetic, multi-faceted research environment for the Humanities and the study of the Arab world at NYUAD's campus. To this end, both distinguished scholars and promising scholars are invited to apply for residential fellowships at the Institute. Fellows contribute to NYUAD's intellectual community through research and research-related activities, including sharing their work in progress with NYUAD faculty and students and participating in scholarly networks engaged in ongoing research centered at the Institute.

While open to scholars working in all areas of the Humanities, the program aims in particular to build a center of outstanding research capacity in the areas of the Humanities that are relevant for the study of the Arabic-speaking world, its rich intellectual, religious, and scientific history, its cultural and artistic heritage as expressed in traditional and new media, and its interaction with other cultures in the past and present.

Scholars of Arabic culture and history will find it enriching to work alongside fellows who conduct research in related and adjacent fields. Scholarship furthered by this program is closely connected to the research profile of NYUAD's faculty in the Arts and Humanities; its Liberal Arts curriculum, with concentrations in History, Literature, Philosophy, the Arab Crossroads, and Museum Studies; related departments and research centers at NYU New York; and NYUAD's outreach program in the UAE.

Awards and Facilities

The Institute hosts up to six fellows each year.

For the period of their fellowships, fellows are offered work/office space at the Institute; full use of of NYUAD's library facilities (which are substantial, closely connected as they are to NYU's main library in New York); administrative support; housing or housing allowance; a fellowship stipend commensurate with experience; a personal research allowance; an opportunity to host a small workshop funded by the Research Institute; and support for travel to and from Abu Dhabi.

Fellowship recipients are responsible for conforming to tax requirements of their home countries.

Start Date

We expect successful candidates to commence their appointment on September 1, 2019, pending final budgetary and administrative approval.

Candidate Qualifications

Eligible candidates for the senior fellowships have an outstanding scholarly accomplishment, including an internationally recognized publication record. Mid-career scholars with strong publication records and exceptional scholarly promise may be considered in this category.

Eligible candidates for the junior fellowships, which are intended especially for young scholars who wish to turn their doctoral dissertations into book manuscripts publishable with major academic presses, have received their PhD within the previous five years and have a strong record of scholarly accomplishment.

All research fellowships will be offered to scholars who demonstrate interest in playing an active role in the intellectual community of NYUAD, in particular by exchanging ideas with other Institute fellows and with NYU faculty and students. The fellowships are open to scholars of all backgrounds and nationalities.

Research Community Involvement

Fellows are expected to play an active role in the intellectual life of the NYUAD campus. All fellows are required to participate in the bi-weekly Humanities Research Seminar, a colloquium for the discussion of pre-circulated research papers. In addition to presentations by fellows, the Humanities Research Seminar may feature presentations by NYUAD faculty, other NYU faculty who are in residence at NYUAD, UAE scholars, and other invited speakers. Seminar sessions will also be open to graduate students and a select group of undergraduate students from NYUAD and to UAE-based scholars with relevant expertise.

In addition to participating in the Seminar, fellows may be invited to contribute to the Institute's community outreach program, for example by serving as invited speakers in the public evening lecture program or participating in one of the international workshops organized by the Institute. Fellows may also be asked on occasion to serve informally as mentors to scholars engaged in research in areas of their expertise. Junior fellows may request the opportunity to teach a course at NYUAD and may apply for teaching opportunities at NYUAD following their fellowships.

Contact Us

Alexandra Sandu
Assistant Director, Humanities Research Fellowship Program

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Moyen Orient : Émirats arabes unis
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2 senior; 4 junior