ISA Bologna Visiting Fellowship

ISA Bologna Visiting Fellowship

In order to foster the internationalization and interdisciplinarity of the University of Bologna, the ISA (Istituto di Studi Avanzati), offers fifteen Visiting Fellowships for a period of one to three months to international visiting professors. The fellowships must be proposed by members of the academic staff of the University of Bologna and will be organized in close collaboration with the University Departments. The Fellowship period must be continuous in order to allow for a fruitful interaction with the Institute and the students.

The Visiting Fellows will receive from ISA:

  • A Contribution to be chosen between:
    • a lump-sum compensation to cover travel, transportation, food expenses and possible visa in the gross amount of 800.00 Euros for EU residents and 1,100 Euros for non-EU residents;
    • a direct reimbursement of duly documented travel expenses only (up to 800.00 Euros for EU residents and 1,100 Euros for non-EU residents).
  • Accommodation (Bologna Campus): depending on availability, either in a fully equipped apartment in Via De Rolandis 3, in the proximity of the Istituto di Studi Avanzati (Via Marsala 26, Bologna) and of the Rectorate.
  • Accommodation (Ravenna Campus): for 1 Visiting Fellow who will carry out his activities in the Multicampus site of Ravenna, the accommodation and related hosting services will be provided according to the Agreement among ISA, the Scuola Superiore di Studi sulla Città e il Territorio of the Alma Mater Studiorum – University of Bologna and the Fondazione Flaminia of Ravenna with the aim to promote the international scientific mobility in the Campus.

The application must be completed according to the following procedure by the University of Bologna hosting academic:

  • access the system at
  • click on the “Login” button and log in with username and password
  • click on the box "Candidatura Visiting Professor"
  • select the call for “ISA Visiting Fellowship agosto – dicembre 2022” and follow the guided procedure.

Applications must be uploaded by the University of Bologna Proponent no later than 3 p.m. on December 6, 2021, at the following link using academic login credentials. The link can also be accessed from the ISA Website at

Application Process

The application must be accompanied by the following documents, which must be uploaded:

  • Personal and academic information about the Visiting Fellow*;
  • Motivation of the proposal by the University of Bologna proponent, describing the reasons of the proposal of the Visiting Fellow and the planned activities, also in relation to the period of stay (online mask);
  • Short scientific profile of the Visiting Fellow* (in English) for subsequent inclusion on the ISA website in case of the acceptance of the application (online mask);
  • Title and synopsis of the ISA lecture*(in English) that the Visiting Fellow will deliver at the Institute during his/her stay and other teaching activities – if planned – on the Degree and PhD courses of the University of Bologna (online mask);
  • Preferred and second choice period of stay proposal (the periods indicated cannot be changed);
  • Lodging and/or economic contribution request;
  • The system will require an explicit declaration by the Proponent confirming receipt of the favorable decision by the Head of Department to host the Visiting Fellow (online mask);
  • A scanned copy of the Visiting Fellow’s valid Passport or ID document (file to be uploaded);
  • Curriculum vitae et studiorum and publication list covering the last 5 years of the Visiting Fellow (only one merged file is to be uploaded)

N.B. the online procedure does not allow the intermediate saving if all text fields are not filled. Make sure to have all requested documents and data when uploading your application.

At the end of the upload, the Proponent can save the proposal for possible future modification or send it directly. In this case, the proposal will no longer be modifiable.

If the request is approved, the information identified with * will be uploaded to the site .

The proposal must be sent before the deadline indicated in this call. Proposals saved but not sent will not be considered.

Date de candidature
1-3 mois
Sciences sociales