Israel Institute Post-Doctoral Fellow Program

As of December 2018, please note that several of our programs have closed and will no longer be offered: Doctoral and Post-Doctoral Fellowships, Research Grants Program, Publication Support, and Conferences & Workshops Grants.

The Israel Institute offers post-doctoral fellowships in the United States to newly minted scholars in the field of Israel Studies.

Our fellowships enable promising doctoral graduates with invitations from top-tier universities to conduct research, engage in public events, make professional connections, and receive mentoring while preparing for tenure-track university positions. Post-Doctoral Fellows also pursue active publishing agendas (in English).


Post-Doctoral Fellowship applicants must have completed their doctoral degrees in the last three years or prior to September 1 (when the Fellowships begin), have dissertations about modern Israel, plan to maintain Israel as their research focus in the future, and have an unfunded or under-funded invitation from an elite university.

Strong applications will demonstrate an interest in and a long-term commitment to studying modern Israel and securing tenure-track university positions in the United States. Promising candidates will have juried conference papers in English at national or international scholarly conventions and the ability to publish books or articles in peer-reviewed publications in English.


Post-Doctoral Fellows are awarded up to $60,000 per academic year. Fellows are not employees of the Israel Institute. A second year of funding is available to Israel Institute Post-Doctoral Fellows subject to available funding and provided they meet explicit criteria (as written in the award letter) for publishing and speaking. Fellows should plan to cover all expenses including, but not limited to, living expenses, taxes, health insurance, travel expenses, visa fees, bench fees, etc. This is a selective program and the Israel Institute does not guarantee placement to those who apply.

University provisions

When requesting an invitation from a school, applicants must ensure that the invitation includes several concrete provisions.


The University must agree to:

  • Refer to you as an "Israel Institute Post-Doctoral Fellow;"
  • Provide you with an individual or shared office;
  • Integrate you into the academic and social environment of the University;
  • If necessary, sponsor your visa;
  • Provide you with library privileges; and
  • Provide you with mentoring.


Post-Doctoral Fellows must agree to our list of commitments.


  • Provide proof of Ph.D. completion prior to September 1;
  • During the Grant Period, use the title "Israel Institute Post-Doctoral Fellow" on all correspondence, publications, and whenever you are publicly identified during the entirety of your term of support, including adding this title to your email automatic signature;
  • Actively pursue publication of books and/or peer-reviewed journal publications in English and juried conference papers (in English) at national association annual conventions;
  • Acknowledge the Institute's support in any published work produced during the Grant Period, and in any work whose research or writing originated during the Grant Period, irrespective of its eventual publication date;
  • Actively participate in the social and scholarly life of the University;
  • Respond to Institute surveys about your professional activities during your placement, including reporting on course enrollment (if applicable) and on any academic/community talks or panel presentations you give, including the number of people in attendance;
  • Allow the Institute to use your name, photo, biography, and short description of your proposed course on our website and in publicity materials;
  • Disclose additional sources of funding; and
  • Comply with all applicable federal, state, and local laws, and University policies and procedures during the Grant Period.


This program has a multi-part application process.


To be considered for a Post-Doctoral Fellowship in the United States, please submit the following materials:

  • Our online application;
  • High-resolution headshot (300 ppi);
  • Your doctoral dissertation abstract (in English);
  • A one paragraph summary of your dissertation research;
  • An academic curriculum vitae (C.V.); Note: Do not put all of your publications and presentations in the same section. Instead, use the following categories: An academic curriculum vitae (C.V.);  Education, Authored Books, Published Peer-Reviewed Publications, Published Book Chapters, Other Publications, Juried Papers Presented at National/Regional Conventions, Other Conference Presentations, and Other Information.
  • A research statement of no more than one page that describes the research program you plan to pursue while engaged in your post-doctoral fellowship and the next major research project you are thinking about pursuing. 
  • An invitation from a top-tier university; and
  • The name and email address of your disseration advisor, who will receive and email instructing them to fill out our letter of recommendation form.

NOTE: Please include your full name on all documents you upload with your application.

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