Novo Nordisk Investigator Grant in Art History Research


The purpose of this grant is to give the most talented researchers within art history the best conditions to carry out dedicated, high level research for a longer period thus leading to a substantial contribution to art history research in Denmark.


To be eligible for an Investigator Grant you must work within the field of art history research and be anchored at a university, museum or other knowledge institution in Denmark (administrating host institution) during the grant period. You must submit a commitment letter from your host institution with the application.

Applicants must be at a postdoctoral, senior researcher, assistant/associate professor or professor level and have carried out documented, independent, original and significant research.

Applicants can be permanently employed at the knowledge institution or not yet have obtained permanent employment.

The application must have one lead applicant, an ‘investigator’, who is the primary grant recipient and clear driver of the project. However, the investigator grants are also open to one or more co-applicants who contribute academically to the project and who will receive a financial share of the grant as detailed in the application. The eligibility requirements above also apply to co-applicants.

PhD students and postdocs may also be included in the project, however not as co-applicants, but financed as part of the project.

An applicant may submit only one application for a specific purpose/project per calendar year.

Research Field

Research projects can focus on all eras within art history from prehistoric to modern times and art history in a broad sense, meaning paintings, architecture, sculpture, performance, bio-art, photo, film, digital art etc., however with clear relevance for the visual arts in an international or Danish context. The project proposal must also demonstrate academic relevance for the research environment at the Danish host institution.

The foundation does not support projects within preservation or archaeology


Two grants are available for funding, each at a level of up to DKK 4 million for a minimum of 2 years and a maximum of 4 years. Grant funding is available for salary, operating expenses and direct project costs.

Project applications for a duration of less than 2 years will not be considered.

Assessment criteria

NNF’s Committee on Research in Art & Art history will evaluate the applications.

The evaluation committee will pay particular attention to the following aspects of the project proposal:

  • Academic quality, research level and potential of the investigator grant proposal;
  • Relevance and significance of the project proposal;
  • Methodology and feasibility of the project;
  • The research environment, including relevance of the project for the research environment at the host institution;
  • Academic qualifications of the applicant and previous research results; and
  • Eligibility and merit of any co-applicants/collaborators.

Application Process

It is important that applicants carefully read the “Information and Guidelines for Applicants”, before initiating the application process, as this document contains the complete call as well as detailed instructions for the application process.

The application must be completed and submitted using the foundation’s application system, which can be accessed via this website from 24 October 2023. The application can be submitted in Danish or English.

Date de candidature
2-4 ans
Humanités : Architecture et urbanisme, Art et histoire de l'art