Novo Nordisk Mads Øvlisen Postdoc Fellowships in Art and Art History


The purpose of this grant is to support ambitious researchers to conduct research projects leading to a significant contribution to art-related research in Denmark.

With this call, The Novo Nordisk Foundation invites researchers to apply for a postdoctoral fellowship within art history, practice-based artistic and curatorial research, or interdisciplinary research in art & natural sciences.

Research Fields

Up to five fellowships of two years’ duration will be awarded to researchers with excellent project proposals within the following three research fields:

  • 2 postdoc fellowships within art history are awarded to applicants, whose research projects are within the field of art history with special emphasis on art history and/or art theory subjects.
  • 2 postdoc fellowships within practice-based research are awarded to applicants, whose research projects are based on the applicants’ artistic or curatorial practice.
  • 1 postdoc fellowship within art & natural sciences is awarded to an applicant, whose research project examines the interdisciplinary field of art history & natural sciences in a broad sense, including bio- and medical sciences and/or technology in contemporary or historical contexts. The project should be of theoretical character, but practice-based research in art and/or curating may be included.

You can read more about the fellowships in the information and guidelines for applicants.

Researchers holding a PhD degree or equivalent (magister degree supplemented with further research or other equivalent research activity) are eligible to apply for a postdoc fellowship. Applicants must have obtained the PhD degree or equivalent prior to submission of the application. For applicants who have not yet obtained approval of their PhD thesis, applications will only be considered if the supervisor’s statement is received by the Novo Nordisk Foundation by 14 March 2024. The PhD degree must have been obtained before the postdoc fellowship can be activated.

If you are applying without a PhD degree, you must upload documentation that your research activity is substantial and equivalates the research level of a PhD degree.

Applicants for the practice-based fellowship are eligible to apply with a Master’s degree supplemented with a professional artistic or curatorial practice and substantial artistic or curatorial production.

Applicants must be anchored at a university, museum or other knowledge institution (administrating host institution) in Denmark throughout the course of the fellowship program. You do not have to be employed at the host institution at the time of application, but you must upload a letter of commitment from the institution with the application.

Please note that some universities and institutions may have internal deadlines that fall before the Novo Nordisk Foundation application deadline and applicants are therefore encouraged to contact a relevant host institution early in the application process.

An applicant may submit only one application for a specific purpose/project per calendar year.

Date de candidature
2 ans
Humanités : Art et histoire de l'art, Histoire
Autres : Biologie, Médecine