Fondation Shinnyo-en (SEF)

Shinnyo-en Foundation is a philanthropic arm of the Shinnyo-en Buddhist Order. The Foundation was established to promote a more harmonious and peaceful world. We support community-based organizations and educational institutions. We encourage youth leadership in interfaith dialogue and action, service, volunteerism, and peacebuilding.

Shinnyo-en Foundation was established in 1994 by Shinnyo-en, a lay Buddhist order, as a secular, philanthropic arm of Shinnyo-en USA whose members across the contiguous United States are the source of our funding. The Shinnyo-en Buddhist Order was established in 1936 by Shinjo Ito, following the principles of Shingon Esoteric Buddhism, one of Japan’s oldest forms of Buddhism. It teaches lay people how to use each day as an opportunity to connect with others and seek enlightenment. Founded on the commitment to universal truth, compassion and service, Shinnyo-en teaches that all people carry the seed of enlightenment within them and that by acting with sincerity and kindness, they may each bring that seed to fruition.

The Foundation has grown from humble beginnings to now having the privilege of touching many lives. We support educational programs that engage and inspire young people in meaningful acts of service in hopes of building more caring communities. By providing financial support and resources, the Foundation partners with community-based organizations and educational institutions that share our vision for bringing out the best in ourselves, our children and our communities. We sincerely believe in teaching our children the value of helping others in the spirit of goodwill and without regard to differences of faith or background.


Our mission is to promote global peace through service by nurturing future generations.

Our Vision

We are committed to supporting community-based organizations and educational institutions that promote and engage youth in meaningful acts of service.

Our Hope

Through our grantmaking and our collaborations we hope to bring forth deeper compassion among humankind, promote greater harmony, and nurture and empower youth toward building more caring communities.

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