Harvard Asia Center

Université Harvard

Established July 1, 1997, the Asia Center is a university-wide inter-faculty initiative with a four-fold mission: to promote research and teaching on Asia at Harvard that cuts across national borders, both within Asia and between Asia and other regions; to foster interaction and collaboration of faculty and students from across Harvard’s many schools in their study of Asia; to expand the scope and depth of Harvard’s faculty and resources dedicated to the study of Asia, particularly South Asia and Southeast Asia; and to play a supporting, coordinating, and catalyzing role with and among colleagues at Harvard and in Asia.

The Center engages in activities such as symposia, seminars, workshops, art exhibits, film series, and more. Local and international conferences convene scholars and practitioners to discuss critical global and transregional issues in the fields of social science, law, public health, business, design, and arts and humanities.

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