Indonesian Science Fund (DIPI)

The Indonesian Science Fund (Dana Ilmu Pengetahuan Indonesia, DIPI) is an autonomous body under the auspices of the Indonesian Academy of Sciences (AIPI) that directly fund researchers to produce world-class scientific research needed to build Indonesia’s global competitiveness.

DIPI funds fundamental and frontier research that show promise for increasing the knowledge value of scientific explorations in Indonesian society, while at the same time participating in the establishment of a vibrant Indonesian scientific research community on par with global and international scientific standards for excellence and merit-review. The need for DIPI was proposed in the report Creating an Indonesian Science Fund, a collaboration between AIPI, the World Bank, and Australian Aid in 2012.

A national fund that awards grants for scientific research on a competitive basis has been found by many countries to be the most effective way to encourage the best world-class science. They encourage researchers to submit their best ideas in investigator-initiated research proposals. This is expected to result in more publication and patents, more productive scientific effort in all areas, and ultimately in more innovation, science-based enterprises, and direct foreign investment and joint ventures in technological areas. The history of recent Asian economic development, especially among the Asian “Tigers”, India and China, lend credence to this scenario.


The heart of our mission is to elevate the overall quality of Indonesian research to strengthen Indonesia’s capacity in science, technological innovations and the necessary cultural mindset as foundation for its growth and support.

To achieve this DIPI provides competitive rewards and incentives for quality research based excellence, originality, and capability, to maintain the standards and goals of science and scientific research in the country.

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