Ministère de l'Agriculture (Lithuanie)

The Ministry of Agriculture is the state-budget institution of the Republic of Lithuania which formulates public policy, as well as organizes, coordinates and controls the implementation of the policy in the areas within the competence of the minister of agriculture. 

The objectives of the Ministry of Agriculture is to shape public policy in the areas of agri-food sector, fisheries (except for conservation and control of fish stocks in inland waters), rural development, land reform, land-use planning, geodesy, cartography, real estate cadastre, state control of land use, engineering development and technical progress of infrastructure in agricultural and rural areas, development of renewable energy resources, research training, education, application of innovative technologies in the fields of agriculture, food industry and fisheries, land reclamation and reclamation investment, plant production, livestock sector, plant protection, seed production, breeding, fish farming, phytosanitary and veterinary, and national heritage, as well as organize, coordinate and control the implementation of the above public policy.

Europe : Lituanie
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Institutions non françaises : Organisme public de coordination ou de financement de la recherche

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