Ministère des Ressources Humaines (EMMI) (Hongrie) (EMMI)

The Ministry of Human Resources is responsible for the functioning of the national healthcare and welfare system in Hungary, the development of school education from nursery to university, the protection of our cultural heritage, promotion of the interests of children and the young, and the realisation of government aims related to sport in Hungary.

Priority areas for the Ministry are ensuring the high-quality functioning of the healthcare system, the development of concepts related to the pensions system, the shaping of school education from nursery to university, the creation of new cultural assets and initiatives, and the protection of national and world cultural heritage assets. The Ministry of Human Resources aims to bring about the conditions for enhancing quality of life through the creation of a reliable and efficient system of welfare provision, a healthcare system which takes into account the needs of both patients and healthcare professionals, and the development of effective school education from nursery years to university.

Europe : Hongrie
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Institutions non françaises : Organisme public de coordination ou de financement de la recherche

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