Technology Agency of the Czech Republic (TAČR)

The Technology Agency of the Czech Republic (TA CR) is a Czech government agency, founded in 2009 to enhance and encourage cooperation between research organizations supported by the state and the business sector. Within its programmes, projects of applied research, experimental development and innovations are elected and financed.

TA CR Programmes

The ALPHA Programme is focused on supporting applied research and experimental development and innovation (R&DI) in the fields of progressive technologies, materials and systems, energy resources and the protection and creation of environment, and sustainable development of transportation.

The BETA Programme is focused on public procurement in R&DI in the field of public administration.

The GAMMA programme aims to verify the results of applied R&DI in terms of their practical application, and to facilitate their subsequent commercial use. The main objective of the programme is to consolidate the R&DI output of research organizations and projects into practical applications so they can be released commercially, and to support their implementation.

The DELTA programme supports applied R&DI cooperation between Czech companies and research organizations and their partners abroad, from countries whose technology or innovation agencies have established cooperation with TA CR. The main aim of the programme is to enable Czech companies and research organizations to work with institutions from non-European countries such as the United States, China, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and Vietnam.

The EPSILON programme is mainly focused on promoting the Czech Republic internationally by supporting applied R&DI which has a high potential for rapid application of new products, production processes and services, especially R&DI relating to the knowledge-based economy, sustainability of energy and material resources, and environmental quality of life. This is mainly carried out by providing support to projects according to the national priorities of targeted research, experimental development and innovation. The program aims to promote industrial applications especially when using new technologies and new materials in the areas of energy, environment and transport.

The OMEGA programme supports applied R&DI projects which have the potential to develop Czech society. The focus of the programme follows the priorities set by the National Research, Development and Innovation Policy of the Czech Republic for 2009 to 2015, in the context of ongoing European integration and world globalization. The main objective of the programme is to strengthen research activities in the area of applied social sciences and use this research to increase the competitiveness of the Czech Republic, enhance the quality of life of its inhabitants and balance socio-economic development.

The competence centre programme is designed to support the establishment and operation of RD&I centres in advanced fields with high application and innovative potential which could make a substantial contribution to the growth of competitiveness of the Czech Republic. This programme supports the creation and operation of RD&I centres that are innovative, competitive, sustainable, have a market potential and centralize the research and application capacities of the public and private sectors.

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