Zukunftskolleg Konstanz

Université de Constance


The Zukunftskolleg is an Institute for Advanced Study for young scholars. The Fellows of the Zukunftskolleg are outstanding young researchers from the natural sciences, humanities and social sciences. Thanks to an extensive promotion they can concentrate completely on their projects. The Fellows profit from excellent research conditions ensured by a close-knit and diverse network of support. The inspiring scientific environment gives invaluable opportunities for encounter and exchange. All of this not only creates ideal working conditions for young scholars but also provides the best possible preparation for their scientific careers.

The Zukunftskolleg is a keystone in the University of Konstanz's institutional strategy to promote top-level research, funded by the German federal and state governments' Excellence Initiative and co-funded by the European Union.

Europe : Allemagne
Type d'institution
Institutions non françaises : Institut d’études avancées, Université