Early-career short-term fellowship "Brain Culture and Society"


The Paris Institute for Advanced Study welcomes applications from high level early career researchers in the fields of the humanities, social sciences, cognitive sciences, and neurosciences for a research stay up to 3 months during the academic year 2020-2021 within the framework of its “Brain, Culture and Society program”.

The call is for post-doc researchers wishing to prepare a project for a large grant application (like ANR grants or ERC “Starting grants”)

The Paris IAS gives its research fellows the unique opportunity to work freely on the project of their choice at the interface of neuroscience, the cognitive sciences and the humanities and social sciences. They benefit from the scientific environment of the Institute and receive support for creating contacts with researchers in the academic institutions of Greater Paris and preparing an application.

The "brain, culture and society" program

The primary mission of the Paris IAS is to be a research centre anchored in the social sciences and humanities (SSH), with the aim of fostering a fruitful dialogue between researchers from different cultural and disciplinary backgrounds.

Within the framework of its “Brain, Culture and Society” program, the Paris IAS invites applications centred on the dialogue between the SSH, cognitive sciences and neurosciences.

The exponential development of scientific data on genetics and the brain gives us more and more insight on the functioning of the human being in its environment. It is becoming increasingly difficult and irrelevant to reflect on topics such as the Human, the mind and consciousness in the humanities and social sciences without taking into account the neuro-anatomic and neuro-functional data produced by life sciences and neuroscience in particular. Reciprocally, neurosciences cannot claim to understand the Human if they do not incorporate the knowledge built up by the SSH. 

The Paris IAS has therefore chosen to open a privileged dialogue between the SSH, psychology and neurosciences, and in particular cognitive neurosciences, which study the neurobiological mechanisms and psychological phenomena underlying cognition (i.e. perception, memory, imagination, consciousness, reasoning, emotions, decision-making, identity, creativity, etc.). The IAS is particularly interested in dealing with societal challenges, such as child development, ageing and health; education and learning; social interactions; addictions; consequences of artificial intelligence, digital technologies and social networks; tolerance, aggressiveness and fanaticism; etc.  The aim of this dialogue is to enable the SSH, as well as the brain sciences, to renew their perspectives on classical objects and to invest new fields of research with bold and innovative interdisciplinary approaches.


Researchers from all countries are eligible.

This call for applications is open to junior researchers born after 1980 who received their PhD between 2014 and 2019. They must have been active in research after their PhD.

Application deadline: April 30th, 2020, 3:00 pm (Paris, France time)

Notification of results: May 31st, 2020

Date de candidature
up to 3 months
Sciences sociales : Psychologie et sciences cognitives