Women's International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF)

Our Vision of a Feminist Peace

More than 100 years have passed since the birth of our League in 1915, and still the world is haunted by the spectre of war. We see patriarchy, militarism, and neoliberalism as three inter-related causes that push us all towards more conflict.

It does not have to be this way. The antidote is feminism.

At its core, feminism includes the beliefs that women matter, that equality matters, and that gender is a construct: the product of unequal power structures. When those structures have been changed and patriarchy ended, then we can have real equality and the possibility of sustainable peace: a feminist peace.

Our methods of work include analysis, awareness-raising, advocacy, activism, and building alliances. We build coalitions and partnerships, share knowledge, and convene women from all around the world. We create bridges and spaces for discussion so that women can play their rightful role in decision-making and help shape the responses that affect their lives and communities.

We also support the work of the wider WILPF community through training and resource-sharing. Where necessary, we organise campaigns and nonviolent actions to promote the cause of peace.

Work Methods



WILPF uses different analysis methodologies as a tool for better understanding and study the causes of war, and their interconnections.


WILPF reaches wider groups of people to share our analysis and information to help make know the causes of war and challenge the status quo.


WILPF uses advocacy as a tool to create concrete changes in practices, policies, laws, norms, programmes and systems for durable peace. Advocacy work focuses on governments and the United Nations to stop violence and work to abolish the causes of war. We also use advocacy with others including non-state actors and civil society.

Activism and Organising

WILPF undertakes nonviolent activism around the world from campaigns to protests, from peace art to political rallies. WILPF organises locally and globally.


WILPF creates bridges and forms alliances with communities, organisations and movements.

Local to Global

WILPF bridges and links women’s experiences between local realities and international forums facilitating space for women to speak for themselves and have access to influencing decision-makers.

Solidarity Dialogues

WILPF creates spaces to bring women together to mobilise and strengthen their collective power.

Resourcing Feminist Peace

WILPF supports local and national actions through grants to WILPF National Sections, National Groups and partners.

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