University of Prishtina

Universiteti i Prishtinës


Prior to the establishment of Kosovo as an independent state, the University of Prishtina was initially enacted by the then Social Autonomous Province of Kosova on 18 November 1969, which provided a legal status and mandate of the institution as a degree awarding body.

In 2003, during the Balkans post-conflict period, reforms were solicited through a new strategy for higher education policy, which resulted in the adoption of the University Statute in 2004. Processes and regulations were set in place to serve as a foundation for future capacity development and quality assurance.

The contribution of the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) was instrumental in securing enhancement in areas of quality assurance and curricula implementation through cooperation with foreign universities.

Presently, the University of Prishtina comprises fourteen faculties:
1. Faculty of Philosophy
2. Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences
3. Faculty of Philology
4. Faculty of Law
5. Faculty of Economics
6. Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture
7. Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering
8. Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
9. Faculty of Medicine
10. Faculty of Arts
11. Faculty of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine
12. Faculty of Sports Sciences
13. Faculty of Education
14. Faculty of Architecture

Europe : Kosovo
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