Swedish Collegium for Advanced Study (SCAS)

Founded in 1985, the Swedish Collegium for Advanced Study (SCAS) was the first institute of its kind in Northern Europe. It is a national scientific institution, chartered by the Government of Sweden as an institute for advanced study, mainly in the social and human sciences.

A core component of an institute for advanced study is a selective Fellowship programme open to applications from across the world. After an extensive review process, some thirty-five scholars are invited to spend one academic year (or semester) at the Swedish Collegium, free to pursue research of their own choosing whether they work individually or form part of a thematic group. As a scholarly community, the Swedish Collegium for Advanced Study provides an environment that is conducive to a lively intellectual dialogue; the Collegium wants to serve as a breeding ground for new ideas across disciplinary, national and age boundaries.

Scholarly foci

Firstly, the Swedish Collegium’s ambition is to strengthen the historical and global orientation of the social and human sciences. The development of the theory of multiple modernities is one result of this work, a re-examination of the idea of the Axial Age another one.

Secondly, the Collegium is committed to the support of humanistic disciplines that are of crucial importance to an understanding of the cultural multiplicity of the world. The Collegium’s major programme in this field, the
Bernhard Karlgren Programme, focuses on the languages and civilizations of East Asia, in particular China.

Thirdly, the Collegium is involved in a long-term effort to promote cooperation between the economic and other human and social sciences. In this field, it works with scholars in the borderline area between philosophy, economics and analytical branches of the social, political and behavioural sciences but also with economic historians.

Europe : Suède
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