University of Bordeaux Senior Chairs

Objective: providing support to eminent researchers coming to join the academic community on a long-term basis and bringing new skills to the Bordeaux site.

Support is proposed to senior researchers of international standing applying to one of the identified permanent professor or senior researcher positions during the 2018 recruitment campaigns.

Together with partner universities, schools and national research bodies, IdEx Bordeaux identifies positions opened in the annual recruitment campaign for the creation of Senior chairs.

This year, 5 open full-professor positions and one open senoir researcher postion were identified by IdEx partner organizations for the openning of senior Chairs :

  • Full professor position at Université de Bordeaux in Atomic Force Microscopy Cellular Imaging (research laboratory : CBMN UMR CNRS 5248)
  • Full professor position at Université de Bordeaux in Theoretical Mechanic (research laboratory: I2M UMR CNRS 5295)
  • Full professor position at Université de Bordeaux in Chemical and Bio-Analytical Chemistry (research laboratory: CBMN UMR CNRS 5248)
  • Full professor position at Université de Bordeaux in Civil and Geologic Engineering (research laboratory: I2M UMR CNRS 5295)
  • Full professor position at Université Bordeaux Montaigne in Multilingualism and Language Contact (research laboratory: IKER UMR CNRS 5478)
  • Senior researcher position at Inra in Industrial Economics, Environmental Economics, CSR (research laboratory: GREThA UMR CNRS 5113)


The successful candidate will have a strong track-record in independent research with a sustainable research plan and ability to attract research funding from appropriate sources.

The Chair will only be activated on the condition that applicants are appointed for the professorship or research position and satisfy criteria of excellence based on international standards in the discipline.

This validation will be carried out by the IdEx Bordeaux executive board based on two elements:

  • An international evaluation of applicants for the positions will be supervised by IdEx Bordeaux. This evaluation will be carried out at the same time and independently of the institution’s recruitment procedure, taking care never to interfere with the latter.
  • An examination will be made of the measures implemented to boost the attractiveness of the position during the recruitment procedure (publicity given to the position, international dimension, number of applicants interviewed, etc.).

The IdEx Bordeaux Chair may be used for setting up or consolidating a research laboratory (purchase of equipment), for hiring team members (salaries) and for operational costs.


Candidates should specifically apply to the IdEx Chair funding scheme by submitting the following specific documents:

  • a letter of intent introducing the candidate and briefly presenting his/her project and its medium- to long-term perspectives;
  • a full Cv of the candidate;
  • a research project description;
  • a self-assesment on ethical issues and;
  • an estimative budget (3 years).

Applications should be submitted online before Friday April 13 (5 pm French-time), through the dedicated platform (a short and non-confential abstract is requested in the online application form).

Application date
Humanities : Linguistics
Social sciences : Economy
Other : Biology, Chemistry, Physics, mathematics and engineering