Appel à projets transnational FLAG-ERA: Le numérique pour les sciences sociales (ICTSS)

On 22 January 2016, FLAG-ERA launched a Joint Transnational Call for Flagship-Proof-of-Concept Projects.

Participating countries


NB: More organisations from other countries may still join the call, this will be announced on the current webpage.

Eligibility of applicants and consortia

Whilst applications shall be submitted jointly by groups from several countries, each individual group will be funded by its respective NRFO. The applications are therefore subjected to eligibility criteria of individual funding organisations.

Since at most one project will be selected per topic, proposals are encouraged to make the best use of these budgets and in particular to involve partners for all funding organisations participating in the topic.

Consortia can include members who participated in a Pilot as well as members who did not. There can be more than one partner per funding organisation in a proposal. A given partner can participate in several proposals.

Research groups or private partners performing research who are not eligible to receive funding by any organisation participating in the call but who are willing to collaborate and contribute to the proposed project may be part of a consortium if they are able to secure their own funding.

The coordinator must be a partner funded by an organisation participating in the call.

Evaluation and selection

Eligible proposals are assessed by an independent international Scientific Evaluation Panel (SEP). If needed, based on the number of submitted proposals and their technical content, the evaluation can involve external reviewers.

A national information day will be organised on the 16th of February 2016 by ANR (Agence Nationale de la Recherche) and INCa (Institut National du Cancer) in Paris, France. The event is geared toward French researchers but participants from other countries are welcome.

ANR eligibility conditions

The general rules of ANR apply. In particular, both public research institutions and enterprises can apply.

Personnel, consumables, subcontracts (within 50% of the eligible costs for the partner), equipment and travel costs are eligible. Funding rates are 100% of additional costs for public research institutions, 45% of total costs for SMEs, and 30% of total costs for large companies.