Climate Services Collaborative Research Action

Aim of the call

This call aims to contribute to the overall challenge of developing climate services with a focus on interregional linkages role in climate variability and predictability.

The development of inter and transdisciplinary collaborations is encouraged, involving natural and social scientists to work with various type of users. Overall, an important target of this call is to provide results that can serve at different spatial scales and can be easily transferrable to emerging regional climate services.

Project requirement

A proposed project should exhibit that it requires critical mass reachable only with international and regional coordination.

This call doesn’t aim to fund activities that can be supported by national calls and intend to explore additional sources of funding for predictability, understudied processes or transdisciplinary approaches.

Development of research consortia supported by at least three participating partner agencies with at least one outside of Europe is a key criterion, addressing one or more topics above, with emphasis on vulnerable areas, pinpointed by the last IPCC report 3 (e.g. regional climate influenced by Monsoon, Subtropical, Mediterranean or Arctic systems).

Proposed studies are also encouraged to incorporate relevant research associated with socioeconomic implications of the resulting knowledge/information, risks and benefits analysis, and impediments to the use of climate understanding in decision making.

On an operative level, this call aims to be in line with the issue studied which is the evolution of the global climate. Hence consortia have to take into account sustainability principles in research: Consideration of projects’ climate footprint and contributions to a climate-friendly research system.

This call aims to support medium-size research projects, 3-4 years duration, and recommends budget from 1 to 3 M€.

All funded projects will attend kick-off, mid-term and end term meeting for joint cross-viewing and dissemination

Date de candidature
3-4 ans
Sciences sociales
Humanités : Anthropologie & Ethnologie