Freiburg Institute for Advanced Studies (FRIAS)

Université de Freiburg

The Freiburg Institute for Advanced Studies is the international research college of the University of Freiburg. As an integral part of the university, the Institute unites the humanities and social sciences as well as medicine, the natural sciences and engineering under its roof.

FRIAS offers academics from Freiburg (Internal Senior Fellows) and around the world (External Senior Fellows) as well as outstanding early-stage researchers (Junior Fellows) the opportunity to concentrate on their research projects for a limited period of time. It is in this way that the Institute creates a unique space and atmosphere for research within the university, enriches the global network of Freiburg-based researchers, and enhances the international visibility of the research conducted at the University of Freiburg. Particular attention is paid to promoting promising young academics, with FRIAS creating ample opportunities for them to engage in inspirational discussions as well as collaborative research with experienced Senior Fellows.

Europe : Allemagne
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Institutions non françaises : Institut d’études avancées, Université

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