Slovak Academy of Sciences (SAS)

The Slovak Academy of Sciences successfully presents itself nationally and worldwide through the results in basic and applied research. It consists of 69 organisations, of which 48 are budgetary and 21 are subsidised. The Academy publishes 57 scientific and professional journals and 8 yearbooks. There are 51 scientific and scholarly associations, societies and unions affiliated with the SAS, which operate in accordance with the Law on Civic Associations. The Assembly, the Scientific Council, and the Presidium are the Academy’s self-governing bodies.

The Assembly is the supreme self-governing Academy’s body. Its members are elected by the academic staff of the respective scientific organisations from the academic staff of the SAS. The Scientific Council is a self-governing body of the Academy that deliberates upon scientific and conceptional tasks. It is composed of the President of the Academy and other members of the Academy’s Presidium, representatives delegated from the higher education sector, and a representative from the sector of business enterprising engaged in scientific research and development. Membership of the Scientific Council also includes representatives from organisations and institutions engaged in scientific research and development outside the Academy, appointed by the Chair of the Academy’s Assembly on the basis of elections of the members in the Scientific Council held by the Assembly.

The Presidium is an executive self-governing body of the Academy. The Presidium is composed of the President, vice-presidents, Scientific Secretary, and other members of the Presidium, appointed by the Chair of the Academy’s Assembly on the basis of the electoral returns for the Academy’s Presidium. The Academy is presided by the President, who is appointed and recalled by the President of the Slovak Republic. The Presidium of the Academy coordinates and supervises the activities of the Academy and the performance of its organisations via the sections for the respective groups of science branches.

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