ESRC-BBSRC Joint Research Call on Epigenetics

The Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) and Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC) are pleased to announce a joint call for research projects in the area of Social and Behavioural Epigenetics. Up to £3 million is available for this call.

Epigenetics provides a key emerging platform for interdisciplinary research among the biological and social sciences to further understand the complex interactions between social phenomena, human biology and behaviour. Overwhelming evidence shows that experiences in early life are linked to subsequent adult outcomes, yet the pathways and mechanisms by which experiences become embedded into the life course are not fully understood.

The goal of this call is to encourage new, innovative and collaborative work between the social and biological sciences in the area of epigenetics. We are seeking truly interdisciplinary proposals which will make a significant contribution towards the development of this emerging field.

Networking event - follow up information for applicants

A one day networking and information event was held on the 5 November in London. Information from this event is available to download below and includes the event programme, slides presented on the day and a participant list (including people who were interested in but unable to attend the event). The participant list has been made available in order to enable people to continue to network and contact people interested in this call for proposals.

Important note for applicants

Applicants considering applying to this call for proposals are encouraged to send a paragraph outlining their proposed research project to the email address below. This will enable ESRC and BBSRC to determine whether the proposed research is eligible for this call. All such summaries must be received during or before the week commencing 1 December to guarantee a response.

We wish to draw applicants’ attention to the FAQ document which provides important guidance in addition to the information contained in the original call specification.

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