Fellow for the Intercontinental Academy (ICA)

Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence

The ICA seeks to create a global network of future research leaders by constructing an arena in whichthe very best early/mid-career scholars will work together on paradigm-shifting cross-disciplinary research, mentored by some of the most eminent researchers from across the globe. A key aspect is deriving the full benefit of the intercontinental origins of the endeavor and diversity of thought and culture. This immersive and intense experience is expected to transform the scholar's own approach to research, enhance their awareness of the work, relevance and potential impact of other disciplines, and to inspire and facilitate new collaborations between distant disciplines; our aim is to make a real, yet volatile, intellectual cocktail that leads to meaningful outputs.

The theme Intelligence and Artificial Intelligencehas been selected to provide a forum and framework for the intellectual exchange. The last decades have witnessed an impressive progress in cognitive science, neuroscience and artificial intelligence. Beside the decisive scientific advances that have been accomplished, among other major developments, in the analysis of brain activity and its behavioral counterparts or in the information processing sciences (machine learning, wearable sensors...), and the many open fascinating issues, several fundamental and broader questions of deep interdisciplinary nature have been arising lately. In first place, as AI and neuroscience/cognitive science seem to show significant complementarities, a first question is to inquire to which extent these complementarities should drive research in both areas and how to optimize synergies.

More broadlyspeaking, the fantastic progress in these areas raises a series of major ethical and societal questions, and tremendous challenges for humanity as a whole that deserve wide and deep interdisciplinary discussions.

We seek outstanding early/mid-career researchers, normally within 15 years of achieving their PhD, who hold a research post in academia, industry, charity, arts or other organisations, which are equivalent to academic post of Lecturer or above, or an individual Principal Investigator Fellowship

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