Israel Institute for Advanced Studies (IIAS)

Université hébraïque de Jérusalem


The Israel Institute for Advanced Studies (IIAS) of Jerusalem is a national institution devoted to academic research.

Located at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, on the Edmond J. Safra campus at Givat Ram, the IIAS is a self-governing body, both in its administrative function as well as its academic pursuit.

The primary function of the Institute is to encourage and support collaborative research.

Along with collaborative Research Groups, the Institute annually hosts five Advanced Schools as well as many conferences.

The Institute was founded in 1975 to provide a nurturing and stimulating academic environment, championing outstanding scholarly research in a wide range of disciplines. It brings together scholars from around the world to engage in collaborative research projects for periods of five and ten months. International collaboration is also fostered through our many conferences and our Advanced Schools.

The Institute is similar in concept to several existing Institutes of Advanced Study, yet also unique in its sponsoring unrestricted academic research and hosting collaborative teams throughout the more than thirty-five years since its establishment.

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