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France and Germany have reaffirmed their desire to create a common ecosystem in artificial intelligence in order to set up new collaborative projects. By signing a joint declaration of intent on the creation of a "Research and Innovation Network in Artificial Intelligence", they are joining forces based on their national strategies in order to create the best conditions for the emergence of new cooperation projects in research and industry.

This Joint Network will provide a better understanding of the needs in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI). The two governments will jointly present their findings to the European and international work on AI.

In this context, a second bilateral call for proposals to encourage Franco-German research collaborations in AI is proposed to the community, concerning the following application areas:

  • Mobility & Transport
  • Logistics & Services
  • Energy (in particular renewable energy)
  • Environment and Resource Protection
  • Smart Industry & Production Technologies
  • Society

This call is open to two different types of consortia:

  • TYPE 1: Research projects of a maximum duration of four years are expected, between at least two partners eligible for funding from the ANR and the BMBF respectively. For the ANR a research and knowledge dissemination institution for the BMBF a higher education or research institution.
  • TYPE 2: R Research and development projects are expected, with a maximum duration of 4 years, between at least four partners eligible for ANR and BMBF funding respectively.  For the ANR, a research and knowledge dissemination institution and a company. For the BMBF a higher education or research institution and a company.

Each party will fund the call up to a maximum of 7 million Euros. The requested budget for the type 1 projects must not exceed 2.4 million Euros and 800.000 Euros for type 2 projects.

Joint project proposals must be submitted to ANR’s and BMBF’s submission websites.


ANR contact (MESR side)

Dr. Aladji Kamagaté
Tel : +33 01 78 09 80 59

PT-DLR contact (BMBF side)

Dr. Holger Stegemann
Softwareintensive Systeme
Tel. +49 (0) 30/6 70 55-8246


Date de candidature
Up to 4 years
Humanités : Anthropologie & Ethnologie, Architecture et urbanisme, Histoire, Numérique, Big Data, Philosophie, théologie et religion
Sciences sociales : Géographie, Relations internationales, Science politique, Sciences environnementales, Sociologie
Autres : Informatique, Physique, mathématiques et ingénierie