I Tatti - Boğaziçi Joint Fellowship

"Italy and the Byzantine/Ottoman empire, c. 1300-1700"

Villa I Tatti – The Harvard University Center for Italian Renaissance Studies (VIT, Florence) and the Byzantine Studies Research Center of Bogaziçi University (BSRC, Istanbul) offer a joint, residential fellowship for the 2020-2021 academic year. Scholars will spend the fall term (September - December) in Istanbul and the spring term (January - June) in Florence. The fellowship will focus on the interaction between Italy and the Byzantine Empire (ca. 1300 to ca. 1700). This collaboration aims to foster the development of research on Late Byzantine-Italian relations by supporting early-career scholars whose work explores Byzantium’s cross-cultural contacts in the late medieval and early modern Mediterranean world through the study of art, architecture, archaeology, history, literature, material culture, music, philosophy, religion, or science.


The VIT-BSRC Joint Fellowship is offered for candidates who have received a PhD in or after 2009. Candidates must have their PhD in hand by the time they apply and will be asked to upload a scan of it when submitting their application. Candidates must be conversant in English and have at least a reading knowledge of Italian. They must have a solid background in Italian Renaissance and/or Byzantine Studies. Each successful candidate must be approved by both the BSRC and VIT and will spend the fall term (September – December) at Bogaziçi University in Istanbul and the spring term (January-June) at Villa I Tatti in Florence. During both terms, it must be possible for Fellows to carry out most of their research with the resources available in the city where they are resident. Priority will be given to applicants with no previous association with VIT or BSRC. Renewals, repeats, or deferments of this Fellowship are not granted. 

Terms and details relating to Villa I Tatti

  • Fellows may not take on any other obligations such as teaching positions, even part-time ones, during any part of their Fellowship period.
  • This is a residential fellowship.Fellows must live in the Florence area and spend at least three days a week at the Center, contributing to and participating in the activities of the Center.
  • Fellows enjoy all the privileges of the Harvard Center, including use of the Biblioteca Berenson seven days a week and lunch with other Appointees from Monday through Friday.
  • Fellows are offered a reserved desk or carrel in the Biblioteca Berenson.
  • The stipend is USD 4000 per month for Fellows, plus a one-time supplement (maximum USD 1500) towards relocation expenses. An additional USD 1000 per month will be offered to offset rental costs, if applicable.
  • The Fellow is responsible for obtaining a visa, permesso di soggiorno, and health coverage (and, if appropriate, for accompanying family members). The Fellow must determine if a visa is required and, if necessary, obtain one before travel.

Terms and details relating to the Boğaziçi University Byzantine Studies Research Center

  • Fellows are expected to devote their entire Fellowship period to their research project and may not accept any other job or teaching obligation during this period.
  • Fellows are required to spend their research period in Istanbul except for research-related trips within Turkey, and to participate in and contribute to the activities of the Byzantine Studies Research Center.
  • Fellows enjoy the use of the Bogaziçi University Library as well as some other campus facilities.
  • The stipend is USD 1800 per month, plus a one-time supplement (maximum USD 1500) towards airfare to/from Istanbul.
  • The Fellow is responsible for obtaining a visa, residence permit, and health coverage.
  • For more information on BSRC, click here.


Applications must be written in English and must be submitted electronically by midnight (Cambridge, MA time) on November 15, 2019. Scholars can apply for only one type of fellowship at I Tatti per academic year.

Letter of Recommendation

Applicants must have two scholars who know their work well submit recommendations online by November 20, 2019. These recommendations can be written in English or Italian. In order to give your referees adequate time to submit letters of recommendation, click the reference tab and register them as early as possible. Referees will receive an email explaining how to access the system and submit their letters electronically. It is the applicants’ responsibility to inform the scholars writing on their behalf of the nature of the project and the deadline for submission.

Please click here to apply.

Application date
9 months
Social sciences : Information and Communication Sciences