Max-Weber-Kolleg for Advanced Cultural and Social Studies (MWK)

The Max Weber Center for Advanced Cultural and Social Studies (Max-Weber-Kolleg) is a highly ranking research centre which forms an avant-garde institution of the University of Erfurt. It is distinguished by a unique organisational structure - combining the features of an institute for advanced study and a graduate school - and a 'Weberian' research programme. The 'Weberian' research programme combines historical, comparative and interdisciplinary perspectives with an interest in normative issues in the social sciences. It has a focus on societal challenges of contemporary societies, especially (religious) plurality, cultural diversity and social orders, processes of acceleration and growth. The core disciplines of the Max Weber Kolleg Erfurt are sociology, economics, religious studies, law, philosophy, history and theology.

Europe : Allemagne
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Institutions non françaises : Université

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