T-AP Social Innovation Call for Proposals

***This call is now closed***

The Trans-Atlantic Platform (T-AP) is a collaboration among key humanities and social science funders in Europe and the Americas. T-AP aims to enhance transnational research collaboration and has identified, with the help of the social sciences and humanities research communities, a series of common challenges and strategic priority areas where such collaboration will bring added value.

Funding organisations

This call is supported by selected funders from different countries. These countries are: Brazil, Canada, Finland, France, Germany, Poland, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom.
The complete list of T-AP SI funding organisations and the links to the restrictions they set on eligibility can be found on page 3 of this Call and on the T-AP website.

Research topic

The multi-national and trans-Atlantic projects funded under this call are expected to both add to understandings of social innovation and deliver social innovation(s) through new research. Trans-Atlantic collaboration in this research call will facilitate:

  • addressing social challenges faced on both sides of the Atlantic (e.g. digital divide; urban and rural developments and cohesion; access to public services and infrastructure; ethnic conflicts; human rights and legislation; the current state of democracy; equality and social, political and human values);
  • learning from the experiences of multi-sectoral collaboration for social innovation practiced on both sides of the Atlantic (e.g. innovative forms of economic organization; new (digital) technologies and accessibility; global and local environmental issues and sustainable development; strategies for social cohesion; integration of health and social care services; improvement of education and overcoming of linguistic barriers);
  • applying and adapting approaches from one locale to another;
  • generalizing and/or scaling-up of local experiences.


  • T-AP Social Innovation Call announcement 31 October, 2018
  • Closing date for submission of proposals 14 February 2019, 2PM CET
  • Successful applicants notified September 2019
  • Projects start (provided all relevant requirements are met) November/December 2019

Duration of projects

Each project should have a duration ranging between 24 and 36 months.

Application procedure

Applications must be received by 14 February 2019, 2PM CET and must be submitted via the T- AP website into the online submission system ISAAC, hosted by the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO). It is the responsibility of the research team to confirm all requirements for each country and funding organisation from which it is requesting funds as specified in the funding organisations’ Addenda to the Call for Proposals.

The Lead Principal Investigator of each trans-Atlantic project partnership must submit the joint research proposal on behalf of the consortium.

Applications must be submitted in English only.

Researchers can participate in no more than 2 (two) applications as Principal Investigator (PI), and they can only act in 1 (one) of these applications as Lead Principal Investigator. Note that Brazilian researchers applying to FAPESP can only participate in one T-AP SI application. Should one PI not strictly comply to this rule, all proposals including that PI will be considered ineligible.

Applications must be submitted by the deadline, following all set requirements. Applications failing to comply with eligibility requirements and application instructions will be declared ineligible and will not be evaluated. If one of the research partners in a consortium is not eligible, the entire consortium will be declared ineligible. The Lead Principal Investigator should be aware that some countries have specific eligibility requirements and they must ensure that all PIs in their consortium adhere to the relevant requirements to avoid ineligibility of the project proposal.

All research teams are strongly advised to contact their relevant funding organisations at least four weeks before the application deadline to enquire about the eligibility of the national teams involved1. Note that the formal eligibility of the Proposals will be determined only after the submission deadline on the basis of all formal eligibility requirements (see section 8 of the Essential Information).

Funding principles

The T-AP SI call will be implemented through a coordinated funding scheme where each funding organisation will fund its own eligible (national) research teams within a transnational T-AP SI project partnership.

The available contributions and the upper limits to the budgets that can be requested per project team are listed in the table below.

Since funding will be awarded according to the terms and conditions of the relevant funding organisation, the actual costs that can be funded through the project may vary for national research teams in a given transnational project partnership. Applicants should therefore thoroughly check all national and/or regional regulations and rules of the relevant funding organisations as outlined in the funding organisations’ Addenda to the T-AP SI Call for Proposals.

Researchers from other countries/regions than T-AP SI partner countries/regions, and non- academic partners, may participate in the project as Cooperation Partners. However no funding can be applied for them from the T-AP SI call (unless otherwise stated within the funding organisations Addenda). A formal letter guaranteeing Cooperation Partners’ own funding for participating in the T- AP SI project must be appended to the application. The successful execution of a project should not depend on these outside participants.

Eligibility requirements

Applicants must apply as a transnational research project partnership, and partner with a number of national research teams based in the participating T-AP SI countries listed above. Each project must:

  • comprise at least three eligible research partners requiring financial support from funders located in three different T-AP SI participating countries;
  • include research partners from both sides of the Atlantic, i.e., from Europe2 and the Americas;
  • ensure teams in each country are led by an eligible Principal Investigator and designate one of the Principal Investigators as the project’s Lead Principal Investigator; and
  • if the project is requesting funds from more than one funding organisation within the same country, only one Principal Investigator may be designated as the lead for that country.

Each funding organisation also has its own restrictions on the eligibility of potential applicants and proposals. The links below refer to the funding available and the Addenda containing each Funding Organisation’s eligibility rules, requirements, funding mandates, policies, eligible costs and procedures. Please consult these Addenda before applying.

Application date
24-36 months
Social sciences